I created this site to share my poetry and photography. Why "Cairns and flowers"?

Cairns are piles of stones made by people to mark special places. Cairns have been used since prehistoric times. They mark burial sites or the location of caches and are sometimes found on mountain tops. Often cairns mark a trail in difficult terrain. As an avid hiker and wilderness lover, I have been thankful when I spotted the next cairn that showed me where to go when no obvious path was visible, or when a cairn indicated a hard to find turn off from the main path.

In some way, poetry fulfills the same purpose for me. Some poems lay something to rest; others mark important sites in the landscape of my life. And often, poetry helps me find the way when I am not sure where to go next, or encourages me to turn off the beaten path.

That's the reason for the cairns.
And the flowers? A colorful living counterpart to the austerity of rock, with a different kind of beauty, vibrant, and vulnerable.

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