Climbing Raven Rocks

I dance upwards;
below me,
the waves slap the cliffs
and beat the rhythm.

Wind whipped clouds gallop
with flying manes
across the blue plain of the sky.

The wild geese resent
our intrusion;
honking displeasure,
they swoop a warning:
we are guests here.

Amid the cedar fragrance
of summer and freedom,
I lean back
into the arms of the world.
February Blossoms

Humming clouds
of pink,
the cherry trees
bloom fiercely -
a desperate race
against the inevitable
Tree Silhouettes
Like dancers,
   the elms lift their arms
The oaks clutch the air
   with gnarled fingers,
bony branches
etched into the pastel evening.

It is time
   to step forward,
my naked shadow
on the canvas of the world