Celebrating the seasons and tuning in to the cycle of the year. More seasonal poetry under "Nature".

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New Year's Blessing    Listen to the song on Soundcloud

Spring Equinox

The balance tips toward the light.
Now is the time to start
A journey or a garden bed;
Plant with a happy heart

The seeds of dreams. Wake, senses, wake!
Smell the moist soil that brings
Forth juicy green from its dark depth.
Hear how the river sings;

The waters nourish and renew.
Feel gentle balmy breeze
Caress your skin. See sun's bright light
Awaken grass and trees.

Now taste the joy. And like the earth
You are refreshed and new
And full of energy to plant,
Begin, create, and do.

Autumnal Equinox

The year hangs in the balance as the scales
Are level: equal measure night and day,
In delicate suspension that soon fails
As time tilts towards darkness and decay.

That which was meant to grow is almost done
And bears ripe fruit that shines upon the vine
In vibrant colors. And it has begun
To wither what is destined for decline.

It is a time to question and inspect:
What did I harvest from the fruitful year?
What did not grow? We're pausing to reflect,
Pull further inward as the dark draws near.

As we are honoring the sun's descent
We know: for new beginning, things must end.

Samhain    Listen to the song on Soundcloud

Thinner the veil,
Older the year.
Between the worlds
Shadows appear,

Straddling the times.
We feel the past
Stamped on our brows.
Nothing will last.

Fields are now bare,
Soon comes the cold.
Kindle the flame
That we may hold

Space for a while,
Honor the dead,
Thank for the harvest,
Offer the bread.

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